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  • Ah Scampi, now you made me feel like a quotes pedant, dammit.But to continue my pedantry, I don’t personally see creating strongly branded commercials as ‘trick’ either.Just good advertising.

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  • The Catholic church relies on civil power to enforce a pretended will of God. The Nativists understood the very presence in America of the Catholic to be detrimental to our system; and they are of course. It is basic, that one realize that they are a shadow government.Each diocese is clearly a component of their Government.The Free Mason, Deist-Unitarian, French Catholic sympathizers of the establishment of our Republic were quite lenient in their criticism of the Papacy and the Catholics.

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  • Beautiful post, Gina. I’m sure it’s rough sometimes to be away from your husband for so long; I admire you for your strength and positive attitude about it! I totally agree, sometimes just getting to the gym, parking the car and actually GOING is the first step towards re-motivating yourself to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. Love the post, great job!Claire

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  • great table, that crow is too fun! good for you, I have friends that serve April fool’s dinner to their 6 kids, by covering the table with a plastic cloth and serving spaghetti without plates or silverware, then pudding for dessert. The kids loved it so much it has become a family tradition.

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  • First time I had grits was when I was a billet in a house in Atlanta. We had them for breakfast just with butter and a small sprinkling of cheese. They tasted a bit like flannel. These look far superior. Can’t wait for the ricotta recipe.

  • Just read your update Amber (and Jon) What a great little soldier you have. All my digits are crossed for her. Prayers as well. Lobster for her the next time I am up!!Love, Karen

  • Actually, it is far more likely that R-V88 originated in SW Asia BEFORE it was transferred to Central-West Africa. R-V88 is found in the Near East with more diversity (i.e. STR variance) than in Africa. Gonzalez et al. would have found this if they had assembled a R-V88 sample from the Near East.

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  • I know your type. Ungrateful maggot. If you have forgotten, I will remind you when Makalele got his first goal for us. It was a penalty we all rallied him to play. And for an Essien, he once did an own goal. This same Mikel you fools blame for collective team below par performance. Go see the clip again, JT holds the blame no Mikel.Reply

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  • So Friday looks like the most common day. Can we get everyone to meet at the Steak N’ Shake where we met the first and then we can roll-out from there once we decide what to do?7:00 sound good?

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  • Hi Jane,That’s the cool thing about Help Day. The way you define environment and I define them are very different, but it doesn’t matter. You’re helping someone or something other than yourself which is the key. I’m glad you make it a point to help other people many times during the day. That’s even better than a day dedicated to helping.


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  • I has to look that word up yesterday too Renee. Did part two of the WOD I suggested the other day and still felt like my lungs were going to explode. Being sick is no bueno. 6 rounds of 8 KB snatches (35#) and 8 burpees – 4:45

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  • admin – Hi David,Thank you so much for sharing your comment and memories here. I absolutely love hearing these stories about my father because I’ve learned a lot. Please feel free to forward this to anyone else who knew my Dad. Take care,Liam

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