When a big, good natured kid named Dan decides to drop out of college, his military father expels him from the house for not meeting his expectations as a student or of honoring his American Indian heritage. The son has a difficult time finding a place to stay and is awkward and inexperienced with the many things his sheltered life has kept him, however he no longer is subject to his father’s abuse. Since his mother died, his life has been in emotional turmoil and her absence has forced him to take responsibilities he is not prepared for.

On a day that was a complete disaster, he comes home discouraged and sees an ad on the back of a magazine for a body guard school. His military father had shown him many things as a kid and he already knew a lot, why not get certified and paid for it? He talks a friend he’s living with into signing up with him. If they can pass the course it would be a way for them both to meet some of the expectations family had put on them.

The two friends sign up and the first day of class they meet the intimidating instructor and his crew. The instructor can see the two youngest are genuine newbies and singles them out, ridicules them. Since their skin is of a darker color, they find themselves in an awkward position among their fellow students. The two friends question whether they should continue, but they decide to stick it out and face the challenge no matter what comes.

The next phase of the course involves a trip deep into the California desert for stealth training. On the trip there, the instructor and his assistant with a gold earring, intimidate and jokingly promise harsh treatment for the two friends once they arrive and the course begins.

After unpacking and setting up their small headquarters in the middle of the Mohave brush, the students are brought together, military style, before their evening meal. The instructor informs them that later everyone will split up into pairs, each pair will have their stealth abilities tested by being dropped off, away from the camp and making their way back undetected by the instruction team. If any of the students don’t come in within 4 hours the team will search them out and bring them in.

If one of any pair is captured they will be interrogated as to the the location of the other, to give their students real time experience. Each pair will be adequately supplied and equipped for the day’s lesson that should end at sundown tomorrow. The instructor points out the two friends and making a mockery of their ability to pass this test.

When Dan overhears the instructors planning a surprise raid for the students in the middle of the night to terrorize everyone with tasers and mock interrogations, the two friends make their own plans. Both friends have, by this time, developed a dislike for the instructors and their bullying. The other students seem to accept it but the two friends now seek to teach the instructors a lesson of their own. They do not inform the other students who joined the abuse of the two friends since leaving for the desert.

The small camp consists of large tents with cots and the usual gear as well as some high tech gear the instructors have brought along, such as a pair of small but powerful binoculars, infra red sensor, radio phones and night vision equipment.

As soon as it’s dark, the two friends gather the equipment and some food supplies and take them out into the the desert in several trips, hiding them in strategic spots they can access later allowing them to travel light. After several hours of supplying the surrounding area, Dan places a heavy box in front of the tent’s exit so the first one out will fall flat on their face.

When the time comes for the instructors to execute their surprise plan, the realize their equipment is gone, the lights they had intended to use are now where to be found. The first one out of the tent stumbles on the box and awakens the students, who by now suspect something. Dan and his friend have returned and act as if they know nothing of what has taken place. The instructors are suspicious of them but decide to continue with the day’s event as best they can.

In the end, Dan and his friend are able to outwit and out maneuver the instructors using Indian and military know how Dan’s father had passed along to him. The instructors are themselves captured and taught a lesson regarding stealth and character.